Fellow Fairy Tail fans, THIS SCENEwill be animated in 2 dats. Prepare the tissues!

This is probably one of my all tiime ultimate favorite panels of Juvia. You can see that she is living a nightmare. You can see that she is both in denial and tearing apart at the same time. 
I am going to die on Friday. Hold me my friends, hold me. -o-


Fellow Fairy Tail fans, THIS SCENEwill be animated in 2 dats. Prepare the tissues!

This is probably one of my all tiime ultimate favorite panels of Juvia. You can see that she is living a nightmare. You can see that she is both in denial and tearing apart at the same time. 

I am going to die on Friday. Hold me my friends, hold me. -o-

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When  o b l i v i o n  is calling out your name, you always take it further than I ever can.

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"The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies."

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Anonymous said: In honor of next weeks episode, pls draw gray as swiss cheese, thank!




Ok, who stole the Swiss cheese gag?

Squish, the Swiss cheese.


Yes Squish, swiss cheese


"uhm, I'm here, too, Sakura.chan.."
"Don't get in my way, Naruto"

The one I watched Sasuke said “don’t get in OUR way” which made me fangirl even though I know it was supposed to say my way. 

Also, how many times can the animators voice of Sasuke and Sakura standing together in one episode? 


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Anonymous said: While I agree with you on the part that Gruvia will get a small setback at the end of this arc I also believe that it won't matter that much since I get the feeling the walls around Gray's heart will crumble down even more when he sees the fragile state Juvia is in right now. I would love it that after this arc Gray would look out for Juvia more (without stifling her) but that will, unfortunately, most likely not happen *sighs*


No, I totally agree, anon! I don’t think whatever comedic setback Gruvia has at the end of this arc will matter much at all. I think, first of all, that it can’t possibly be as harsh as another rejection, which is really the only thing that could significantly set back the pair (and even when it happened during the GMG, if anything, Gruvia’s bond has only strengthened since then lol). 

So, with that in mind, there’s really not much that will dampen the current progress that Gruvia have already made in this arc (and like you said, that’s not even factoring in Juvia’s current condition and Gray’s eventual reaction to it), including how important Juvia clearly is to Gray, as well as the fact that Juvia did such a huge service to both Gray and his dad, AND essentially received Silver’s blessing as well as his wish to take care of Gray in his stead. These are huge milestones for the couple, and nothing will cancel them out. They’ll just likely get a silly moment near the end that will “ruin” the serious/touching atmosphere that SHOULD have occurred if Mashima didn’t feel like trolling us lol!

As for Gray looking out for Juvia, I honestly think he already does such a GOOD job of that already. ^^ I mean, let’s face it, Gray is practically her personal bodyguard at this point lol. Even when he doesn’t appear to be around, somehow he manages to pop up right in the nick of time to rescue Juvia, which I love, because it shows he always there for her, and it’s like he’s made it his mission to look out for her.

Heck, even emotionally we saw that Gray was supporting her in that “I’m here with you” moment. He already cares about Juvia tremendously, and if that increases, well, I don’t know how much more it could possibly strengthen, considering he’s already died for this girl. As I’ve said in a recent post, they both have gone above and beyond for each others always.  But I’d certainly love to see more examples of Gray looking out for Juvia, and surely Mashima will deliver, since he always has done so when it comes to these two being there for each other in one way or another. ^__^

I just wanna respond about the comedic set back (although all of this post is absolutely lovely!).

I have had this idea in my head for a while— I really would not be surprised to see the comedic set back actually end up being a good thing.

I definitely expect Juvia, if she is in a better position than we last saw her by the end of this arc, to go back to her usual comedic self. I don’t expect her to forgive herself as quickly as Gray does (if he even feels he needs to at all, which I don’t think he will), but I do expect that she would want to make him happy and make him think she was okay.

But at the same time, I don’t see another rejection. I see Juvia saying something silly about a date or about a honeymoon or a vacation after its all over for the two of them, and Gray telling her she doesn’t have to act like that anymore or that she doesn’t have to try so hard for him.

Another scenerio I see is their first encounter— their reunion— having the comedic moment and Gray interrupting Juvia before she can get too far in with a hug or something else to let her know he knows what she did and he is glad she is okay. It may not even need words.

The thing is, we have see Gray progress in how he deals with Juvia’s fangirling. At first he avoided it at all costs, then he denied it, then he attacked it head on by saying he didn’t like it. At the same time, he has grown closer to her. The next step would be to call her out on it, because she really doesn’t need to try so hard— she already has his affection— and interrupting her despite the moment to pull back the Juvia he loves. That’s addressing it, showing her it’s not needed, and letting her know he cares.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. It wouldn’t be cannon, but it goes with the trend of how Gray has adjusted to Juvia’s actions since the beginning of the series. He’s developed— getting better at being direct with her, letting her know what he wants, showing he he trusts her. She’s developed— trusting him, not falling into her fangirl mode as much but still doing things that are on some level above and beyond, allowing herself to be vulnerable around him. It’s a logical next step. 

Or maybe I just have wishful thinking ;)



I would like to thank squisherific for saving gruvia through every single thing. She is like the Gruvian queen, every time something happens we all go to her expecting her to lift us up, ya know?

Not only does she help us continue to have faith in gruvia, she helps us against the anti’s….

AWWWW! This is the sweetest thing EVER! =^-^=

First of all, I’m definitely no queen. I can name so many amazing Gruvians who do so much for this fandom and make it what it is:

YOU, rieriebee, kanarenee, sasskiiia, BonneyQ, dooshiedoosh, honeyteacake, celestialcontrail, unisonraidd, sarapyon, yuuba, kurare13 are just a few names that come to mind. And that’s just a fraction of the awesome gruvians I’ve had the pleasure to interact with, and/or who’s posts always brighten up my dash and the tag with Gruvia love - whether it be fanart, or fics, or fun headcanons, or wonderfully analytical posts, graphics, or translations - All of those things contribute in HUGE ways that make my personal tumblr, Gruvia, and FT fandom experience way more enjoyable. ^-^

I’m just thankful to anybody who reads/likes/rebogs so many of my VERY rambly posts, or ever asks for my opinion, since it makes me happy. ^__^ And certainly, if I can make anybody feel better in any way, that also makes me really happy. So, thank you! This made my day. ^___________^

Thank you Squish!

But I do think that what you say is so amazingly true. The great thing about the Gruvia fandom is that we connect together, bounce ideas off one another, get excited together, get deep, and we all participate and give off something unique. We all have different ideas and we’re all so excited and passionate about it that we can’t help but share.

To be honest, coming from some of the other fandoms I have been in, this fandom is by far the sweetest and full of the most genuine people. I may be off in my own little bubble away from the pairing wars, but that’s just it— I don’t have to be in them. I can ship my ship and enjoy it with all of you and STILL get what I need out of it. We have full, beautiful discussions even through the bad times— and even when they are not about Gruvia!

Seriously, there are so many wonderful Gruvians out there. I would be lying though if I didn’t say RieRieBee and Squisherific were the two who really set my Gruvia love off on full speed though. :)


let’s cool down Natsu 


songtext: if i lose myself  by Onerepublic

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unisonraidd said: Hi i just popped on to say that the distraction gruvia fanfic was AMAZING !I had several squeals of joy and fangirling while reading it ,and there wasnt too much lovey dovey stuff but it was heartbreaking,funny and all the things a good fanfiction has ^^ and i know that writers dont get a lot of wow youre awesomes but you deserve them so i just wanted you to know youre an amazing writer

Thank you so much!

I really appreciate this :) I don’t write for myself, I write for others to enjoy so this really made my night. You are so kind! 

GRUVIA FAN FIC- Distraction

All Gray wants is a distraction. All Juvia can think about is how she’s the reason he needs one.

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I can’t forget this moment *^*

Seriously one of the most powerful moments in the manga to date.


Bek Grace


Everybody need that someone

to keep them from falling

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